Whose using your WiFi?

Staff? Guests? ... Neighbors?

Left unmanaged and uncontrolled, users will abuse your network, clogging bandwidth needed for business critical functions, like running transactions or music.

Take control of what happens with the internet you pay for.

Keep track of the whose and whats on your PC, tablet, or phone from anywhere with internet access.

Collect valuable data about your guests visit patterns.

Tablet and Phone

 Free Guest WiFi ...Why?

Stop givng away FREE internet without getting anything in exchange.

If you're giving away internet and not monetizing on the data, you're missing the boat. Not to mention, you're missing opportunities to engage your current customers through Facebook.

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Need business class WiFi set up for your business?

We can help with that,

  • We first survey your location.
  • Then we design and implement wireless networks that that meet  your performance needs and that best fit your physical environment.
  • Last, we install a cloud-based network controller—to manage and monitor your wireless network remotely from any pc, tablet, or phone.
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