Where do I buy paper for my kitchen printers and receipt printers? What sizes?

Kitchen Impact Printer

Printer paper for kitchen impact printers comes in single ply white or 2-ply white and yellow.

This printer requires paper with a width of 3 inches.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Printer paper for thermal receipt printers only comes in one ply carbon.

This printer requires paper with a width of 3 1/8 inches.

How much should I pay? What’s too much?

Vendors will have varying lengths and case quantities. You may find it easier to evaluate the cost per foot instead of comparing box price alone when comparing offers from your vendors.

Where are most people buying …?

Surprisingly enough, quite often small businesses purchase their pos printer paper from their food and disposables vendors, not paper vendors or specifically pos paper vendors. This usually comes at a premium cost. When asked why repeated overpaying for pos paper was not financial waste from laziness, the response was generally the same: The convenience of having a rep ask and monitor the supply of printer paper while also increasing par levels during seasonal peaks is more than worth the cost difference.

Does this dog hunt? Is the premium worth it for the seasonal peaks? … or can a little planning with a pos paper vendor provide a strong and needed savings?

The Internet…?

Actually, yes. There are some great, seasoned online and phone order pos paper providers. If you’re local to Jacksonville or North Florida, POSPaper.com has a strong offering with its quick shipping because its intra-city. They’re locals. And they sell pos paper to Costco … yeah … that stopped me in my Google tracks when I saw that.

Local paper rep…?

Perhaps a happy compromise with a little less personal attention than your food rep who calls weekly but still not fully self managed. Your local paper rep can usually help in several areas of supply. If there is an opportunity to share past invoices and purchase patterns with your paper rep, you should do so as it may allow him/her to ask supervisors for special pricing due to anticipated purchase volumes. If you can obtain a fair, ongoing  pricing with a quality vendor who is attentive to orders, you’re sitting pretty.

BPA Free Printer Paper …?

If this is an area of importance to you, there are options available for BPA free pos printer paper. The price difference is about $5 per 50 roll case. The dollar or so difference has been too much for some operators to absorb. Without a clear way to generate revenues to cover this added cost, some owners pass on changing their businesses’ environmental impact.

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